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UK Supplier of Origin Cocoa Beans & Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Making your own chocolate is now accessible for all and HB Ingredients can now offer estate and farm specific cocoa beans or nibs with clear and traceable provenance - all under the Fino de Aroma category - throughout Europe, Scandinavia and beyond. We guarantee that all of our roasted cocoa nibs are of the highest quality and are sourced from only the finest origin cocoa beans and nibs. The website covers all other ingredients, information on the process and equipment together with tips and suggestions to ensure you can get the best result from each bean source.

Since establishing in 1998, we have been proud UK suppliers of a wide range of cocoa products including origin cocoa beans and roasted cocoa nibs from across the world. HB Ingredients are delighted to bring you a dedicated website which provides complete information to enable you to produce your own chocolate from roasted cocoa nibs or origin cocoa beans. We have a wide range of information and products for sale that cover all options from home 'foodie' producers, through to artisanal and commercial chocolatiers; we offer you a complete UK cocoa bean solution through the use of specialist roasted cocoa nibs.

We are the largest independent chocolate couverture supplier within Europe. We have achieved this by offering excellent customer service and offering a diverse range of roasted cocoa nibs and origin cocoa beans, which enable companies in the UK and the rest of Europe to create high quality chocolate. All of our cocoa beans are the highest grade and quality. We can post to the UK or worldwide quickly and efficiently so that companies wherever you are can make exceptionally high quality end products using our origin cocoa beans and roasted cocoa nibs.