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Bean to Bar
Bean-to-Bar Package

Since producing your own small batches of chocolate is a new concept, we have produced a "Bean-to-Bar Package", which contain all the equipment and ingredients required.

Pre-Roasted Cocoa Nib Package will contain:

Chocolate Grinder, 1.5kg Pre-Roasted Cocoa Nibs, 850g Cocoa Butter, Centigrade/Fahrenheit Temperature Probe, 10 x Piping Bags, 1 x Bowl and Scraper, 8 x 4 Bar Moulds, Full Instructions and Chocolate Without Borders(Chocolate Recipes)

Cocoa Nib Package: Price £262.04 inc VAT

Please note: This package is not available to be purchased on-line. However, to order, contact a member of our Customer Service Team: Tel:+44(0)1273 476 721,

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