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Cocoa Liquor/Mass is two stages down from pure raw fermented Cacao Beans and is the pure cocoa which results after the beans are roasted, winnowed and refined/conched. It is relatively straightforward to make your chocolate couverture from the mass/liquor, by melting and adding Icing grade sugar as required to produce your taste in overall cocoa solids (and whole milk powder to produce Milk Chocolate). Gently refine to ensure the ingredients are completely mixed homogenously. This results in liquid chocolate which needs to be then tempered and moulded. We can offer Cocoa Mass/Liquor from individual Origin countries or standard West African blends.


Origin Cocoa Mass/Liquor

  • Organic Madagascar -Made with Organic Cocoa Beans from Madagascar on the island in the family owned Chocolat Robert factory which has been established for over 60 years - real experts in cocoa refining and chocolate making. Packed 10 x 100g tablets per 1kilo flow wrap pack. Product Code: MAD.OCOCOAMASS1
  • Chocolate Madagascar - 100% Cocoa Mass Packed 10 x 100g tablets per 1kilo flow wrap pack. Product Code: MAD.COCOAMAS1

  • Colombia -Made by Casa Luker from Colombian Cocoa Beans – click here to follow the ‘Luker Way’. The Cocoa Mass/Liquor is in a button (easimelt) format and packed in 20kilo cases. Product Code: LUK.LIQUOR20

Mixed West African Cocoa Mass