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Pure Cocoa Mass/Liquor is unsweetened and therefore not particulary palatable for most people. So sugar is added in varying amounts to add sweetness. Some Origin Beans are mildish rather than ‘take your head off Bitter’ – an example are the Madagascan beans where only small amounts of sugar are needed to make a perfectly acceptable high cocoa solids chocolate even at the 90% level. We recommend either Caster or Icing sugar as these are easier on the grinding process as you are starting with a smaller crystal in the first place.

  • Refined White Sugars
    Pure white sugars have been through multiple refining cycles that totally remove the natural Molasses. The refining cycle is basically dissolving and then recrystallising over and over which results in pure white crystals of sugar. When making fine chocolate using beans from different areas of the world, a neutral sugar will allow the full depth and range of cocoa flavours to come through.
    Product Code:S.CAS25 - 25kg T& L Caster Sugar.
    Product Code:S.ICI25 - 25kg T&L Icing Sugar.
  • Organic and Fair Trade Sugars
    These sugars are officially certified to have been produced through organic farming practices and one is certified as FairTrade.
    Product Code:O.CANB25- 25kg Organic Extra Light Cane Sugar.
    Product Code:O.CAS10X500 - 35700 10x500g Organic Caster Sugar.
    Product Code:O.ICIN25 - 51410 25kg Organic Icing Sugar. (prone to lumping over time)
    Product Code:OFA.SUGF25 - 55102 25kg Organic & Fair Trade Golden Fine Sugar Paraguayan.


  • Billingtons Unrefined Sugars
    Unrefined sugars lock in rather than refine out the natural molasses of the sugar cane. It is this difference which gives Billington’s sugar it’s unique richness, depth of flavour and natural colour that refined sugars, which are simply coated in molasses, do not possess. Our unrefined sugar goes through the minimal amount of processing, within its country of origin, in order to maintain its superior flavour and quality.

    Unrefined sugar is entirely produced where the sugar cane is grown. This means it has had the value added where it matters the most- in the country of origin – not in a refinery elsewhere. Because of this, the producers are able to command a very significant premium for these finished products benefiting the local industry and the whole community.

    When using to make chocolate bear in mind that sometimes strong caramel/molasses flavours will come through so use sparingly at a low addition level so the sugar flavour compliments rather than overpowers the range of cocoa notes.
    Product Code:S.DAR4X3 Billingtons Dark Brown Soft Sugar 4x3kg
    Product Code:S.MUSD4X3 Billingtons Dark Muscovado Sugar 4x3kg
    Product Code:S.LIG4X3 Billingtons Light Brown Soft Sugar 4x3kg
    Product Code:S.MUSL10X500 Billingtons Light Muscovado Sugar 10x500g
    Product Code:S.MUSD10X500 Billingtons Dark Muscovado Sugar 10x500g
    Product Code:S.GOLGR25 Billingtons Golden Granulated Sugar 25kg
    Product Code:S.MOLSU25 Billingtons Molasses Sugar 25kg
    Product Code:S.MUSL25 Billingtons Light Muscovado Sugar 25kg
    Product Code:S.LIG4X3 Billingtons Light Brown Soft Sugar 4x3kg
    Product Code:S.MUS25 Billingtons Dark Muscovado Sugar 25kg

Milk Powders

These are used in addition to the Cocoa and Sugar to produce Milk and White Chocolates. Blend in at the same stage noting that due to the natural sweetness of Milk Powder you will need to add less sugar. In White chocolate, you just use pure Cocoa Butter instead of roasted cocoa beans and so it is best to use the Undeodorised butter as it will give a more rounded result with back notes of Cocoa.

  • Buttermilk Powder - On request

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