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14.1. EB ICBELT Enrobing Belt 179x55x115h cm*

14.1. EB ICBELT Enrobing Belt 179x55x115h cm*


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ICB Technologie 14.1. EB ICBELT Enrobing Belt 179x55x115h cm*

The chocolate tempering machine Chocotemper 24kg can be supplied with ICBelt adjustable speed enrobing belt, suitable for coating pastries and pralines, divided into 3 sections. 

First section: loading area. It can be stopped to place on it the products to be enrobed.

Second section: enrobing area. Products are coated with chocolate. - Vibrating and blowing system. Adjustable intensity and temperature. Removes excess chocolate and makes it simple to clean the metal mesh. Smear-cutting device with adjustable speed and direction of rotation to give the final touch to any kind of product. 2 accessories available: Partial coater and coater of the bottom side of the product. 

Third section: unloading area. Already coated products are placed on the tray.

Enrobing Belt