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Using one of our Grinders all that you need, to produce your own quality chocolate, is pre-roasted cocoa nibs, sugar and a little cocoa butter.

Using a heat gun or a hairdryer heat the stone wheels and the stone base of the grinder.

Slowly add the cocoa nibs to the grinder, and after about 10-15 minutes the grinder will have produced a paste.

Now slowly add the sugar, when making dark chocolate or the sugar and milk powder when making milk chocolate. At this stage add a little cocoa butter to make the chocolate a little more fluid.

Using the heat gun or hairdryer, bring the chocolate up to 45 degrees. The grinding will now keep the temperature at about 41 degrees.

After grinding for about 5 hours the chocolate will have a smooth mouth feel, ie below 25 microns, but will be quite acidic.

Continue grinding for about another 20 hours, this will continue to release the volatiles. At the end of this time you will have made your own quality chocolate.

It's as Easy as That!