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Bean to Bar

Our Origin "Bean-to-Bar" couverture is made from "Fino de Aroma" cocoa (Fruity, flowery aromas and flavour with nutty malt notes), from Madagascar, Colombia and Venezuela. The Fino de Aroma denomination is an International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) classification, with only 8% of cocoa beans classified as "Fino de Aroma".

All are made in the country that grows the beans and have complete provenance, back to the plantation. This means it has had the value added where it matters the most- in the country of origin , it makes them truly "fairly traded" products.

Organic 70% Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
85% Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
70% Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
65% Dark Milk Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
64% Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
40% Milk Madagascan Chocolate 1kg
34% White Undeodorised Madagascan Chocolate 1kg

73.5% Extra Bitter Apamate5kg
70% Extra Bitter Gran Saman 5kg

85% Extra Bitter Chocolate Santander 2.5kg
70% Dark Chocolate Arauca 2.5kg
70% Dark Chocolate Arauca 20kg
65% Dark Chocolate Huila 2.5kg
40% Milk Chocolate Noche 2.5kg
34.5% White Chocolate Nevado 2.5kg