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Roasted Cocoa Nibs

For those starting out making your own chocolate we recommend you use our pre-roasted cocoa nibs. This takes away the need to roast, crack and winnow the cocoa beans, which can be labour intensive or require the use of expensive machinery. To make your chocolate, just use the pure Nibs together with Caster or Icing sugar in your Melangeur to grind and conche.

Origin Nibs

Colombian Fino de Aroma Roasted Cocoa Nibs from Casa Luker
  • Product Code: LUK.NIBUC1 - 1kg Roasted Cocoa Nibs
Blended West African European Roasted Nibs-Callebaut Grenadan Roasted Cocoa Nibs from the Non Pariel Estate. For more information and images of the Estate click here.
Madagascan Roasted Nibs from Chocolat Madagascar